Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday: a good week!

Really, all weeks are good. You can find the good, the thankfuls, in each and every day, but this past week was a really nice one in our home. The kids and I had fun in the school room, I felt more energized and had no episodes of bad breathing (!), and in general, the week passed so peacefully... amid the kid noise and screaming, and baby clinginess, the spills and messes, and moans over school. :)

I'm thankful that I found our lost credit card. Oh, doesn't your stomach just feel sick when you misplace something like that?

I'm thankful for this little girl cuddling in her big brother's bed to read. She snuck in there and was so quiet. I wouldn't have known had I not been busy upstairs myself.

Thankful for feast days and the celebrations we do, big and little. I love the Catholic Church's liturgical year, just as I do the natural seasons. Our Lady of Lourdes is a favorite here.

Thankful for this boy and our cat. He could cuddle all day.

Thankful for soap carving! Every time we go into the wood shop, Critter says, "I want to carve!" But alas, he's too young. Grandma surprised him with a soap carving kit for his birthday and he's been busy.

A heart for St. Valentine's Day. He's since smoothed it and wants to paint it.

For his birthday present from Grandma, Skipper received a tape player/recorder. We have Spanish tapes and he insisted he has to learn Spanish. So far he's been too busy listening to The Lone Ranger and recording various sounds to bother with Spanish.

I'm thankful for snuggling babies and accommodating dads. I was also thankful for a short break from the sweet girl. She's been very tired and clingy lately, which means more holding from me, and she is heavy! Though I am thankful I can still hold her and rub noses. I love how she gives me a hug, pats my back gently, and plays with my hair. She's so precious.

I'm thankful my kids love to cuddle with me. And my husband. And my cat.

I'm thankful for distractions and easy decorations. I cut out heart shapes from contact paper, used tape to stick them to the window, and provided the girls with cut-up squares of tissue/light paper of red, pink, and purple. They stood on the window seat and stuck on the squares, and have done so in bits over this past week. The mess of squares even look pretty too along the bench.

I'm thankful for gorgeous winter mornings. This winter sure has been cold and snowy but overall, it is sunny, which is absolutely wonderful. This particular morning was negative something and everything was frosted with layers upon layers of huge frost pieces. It.was.gorgeous. My pictures can't even compare.

Thankful for homeschooling friends and bowling. We all had a blast. I loved seeing their excitement, helping Miss Z roll balls down the lane, and talking with other moms, a definite necessity this time of year!

I am thankful for little girls and glitter and hearts. The kids made their valentines today (to deliver to family tomorrow) and Miss Bear just loved it. I think she could have kept right on going if lunch wasn't in our plans.

Miss Bear took her creativity to the white board. I love her mama caterpillar (with bangs of course) and all her babies and one "snail house" as she calls her snail.

I am thankful for Confession... for warming temperatures (40 next week!)... for spring lesson plans... for Lenten plans... for hot baths... for a little voice saying, "I really love you." ... for walking 7 minutes straight with no problems... for books... and most of all this week...

I am thankful that though I fall down - again and again it too often feels like - I get back up, looking to the One who has been there before:


  1. For some reason, this made me choke up at the end, it was so beautiful. Thank you for joining in! I loved your thankfuls! I loved your window heart! I love Miss Bear's Caterpillar with BANGS! And we've also had lots of SUN, just too dang cold to go outside. No warm up in sight for us yet. Your snow pics were beautiful though!

    Thankful for you!

    1. Aww, thanks, Jamie Jo, you're also so sweet. It has been cold to go outside (I'm sure MN is worse than OH!!!). I was excited to see the temps jump so much next week.

      Thanks for stopping by as always. ;)

  2. Beautiful wintery shots. I love those window square hearts too, and more glitter. Yay! =)


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