Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Morning Reflections (16): a few neat things

This is everyone in my household right now:

I love Saturday mornings.

Overall this past week was a good one. There were good moments and bad, but overall we came out of it well.

School Time... I decided that my oldest should start Latin, which means of course that I have to learn it. Hopefully it becomes a little easier as I keep saying it one way, saying forget that, and saying it (I think??) the right way. My kid gets a laugh out of it anyway and we are only doing a bit each day. We are using Prima Latina along with the cursive copybook, which my son has already had a fit over because it is not like Handwriting Without Tears.

More Winter... Remember those icicles that looked so tiny on the house? Here's a small portion of the window from the inside. I think that thick one is nearly as tall as me! It has to be 3 inches round.

Household Necessities... We're about out of propane. We have been on the delivery schedule for a week now. They are supposed to come today. Let's pray they do! We have multiple plug-in heaters running so we can keep the furnace temperature way down to try and preserve propane. The funny thing is, we are not even filling our tank half-way. If you have propane (or watch the news) you know why. The price is crazy. We have a 500 gallon tank and when my husband called to set-up delivery it was $3.90/gallon. For what we needed at the time (more now) that would have been over $1200! Last month it was over $700, the month before over $600, and our very first payment where it was nearly empty thanks to the previous homeowner we paid over $500. That gives you perspective of the price increase. I heard that it is on a downward trend again. We still have a bit to go with winter so I am not holding my breath.

The Motherhood & Jane Austen Book Club... I was able to watch a little bit of the "live" discussion which was interesting. They were discussing Pride and Prejudice. The one bit I discovered from a fellow reader was that Charlotte was pregnant soon into her marriage with Mr. Collins. I have read that book so many times and I never caught that! I love re-reading favorites.

Reading these books from a parental viewpoint and looking at the mother figures is proving very interesting indeed. We are on to Mansfield Park now, and I do remember reading this at least once, and I know I have seen this show, but really this story throws me off. The characters are so shallow except for the few and it's about a love between cousins. I don't know. It's hard for me to love as much as I do Pride and Prejudice. (The Facebook book club page.)

On Health... a good week. I had some not-so-great parts of days, but each day always did turn around. A "bad" day for me is when I wake up and I can feel the effort it takes to breath. My chest feels heavy (and even hurts a bit) and my body overall feels heavy and aches all over. Usually this is accompanied by a low headache that tries to turn into a migraine. Sometimes a small cup of coffee helps me perk up a little. Often it doesn't. If I am lucky, once I start moving and concentrate on not moving too fast and watching my breathing, I can get by just fine. Not as fine as I would like, but I am not totally knocked out. In researching COPD I found everyone saying to learn pursed lip breathing for when you get out of breath and it makes a world of difference!

See, my problem is not breathing in air, although it sure feels like that sometimes! I have trouble on exhaling so basically my lungs do not completely empty, leaving the carbon dioxide in there which of course is poison to my body. I only had one bad part of the day (yesterday) where even with pursed lip breathing I had to sit for some of the day and just breathe. I don't know if it was the dip in weather (that will be my own science experiment) or I did too much on Thursday, when I felt really good, or what, but at least I had a good cuddle with a sleeping Miss Z.

Today... The boys are having a joint birthday party with extended family. SkYlAnDeRs. They are super excited and I made a cool-looking cake if I do say so myself. I have to make some sheep cupcakes this morning. Apparently there are sheep in the game. I let the kids in on the theme yesterday so they could get excited about cleaning the house AND to help me decorate as I was still feeling a little punky.

The Week Ahead... We have Our Lady of Lourdes, Valentine's Day, and on our calendar we are going bowling with homeschooling friends, seeing a children's theater production of Willy Wonka Jr. and then having a family visitation night for Miss Bear's dance class. Here is a sneak peek of her recital costume (she will have tan tights on, not black, and there are still some final details to be done). She looks a little moody because it takes her a few minutes to warm up to her temporary teacher. She wants "Miss Becca" who had a baby at the beginning of January, who will return in due time.

Something Neat... to share with the kids. My husband stumbled on this You Tube video of an awesome T-Rex illusion.

Final Thoughts... I really love that night prayer I came across the other day. I need to print it and stick it by my bedside.
Many times have I fallen Mother dear; Many graces neglected since last I knelt here;Wilt thou not in pity, my own Mother Mild, Ask Jesus to pardon the sins of thy child?
God bless your week!

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