Friday, January 10, 2014

Suncatcher Art Project

We're off to a slow, but generally good, start to school this week. The local schools were closed all week except for today because of the crazy snow storm and arctic air that came through. It's rare that schools close that long around here. The last time I remember I was in elementary school (back in the 80's).

Naturally, the kids got sick this week. But aside from Skipper, most of us are weathering it well (he's doing better too).

Today we did a fun art project. If you have time to kill and fresh, new Sharpies, give it a try to brighten up some winter windows. 

All you need is wax paper and Sharpies (new is better but old will work, just not as bright or easy to work with). Tear off a piece of wax paper to desired size and color away. We were talking about stained glass windows so the goal was to make a replication. The more color you do, the better it looks hanging up. Of course, my kids like to do their own thing, and that is completely ok, most of the time. This is one of those times.

You could do a lot with this idea. It was fun. I was scribbling by the end because of a certain two year old, but can you tell what theme I came up with (because apparently I can do nothing unless it's themed!)?

Even Miss Z got in on the action. Give her a marker and the girl is happy.

Critter... He loves projects likes this. I'm not exactly sure what he was drawing. I know a house is in there, and I know he's not done. He'll work on this off and on for quite awhile before finishing.

Miss Bear... She loves circles and hands and scribbles like she is writing in cursive. Today she goes to the white board and asks me, "So what is 1 + i?"

Me: "Well, what does '1 + i' equal and I'll tell you what 'i' is?" 

Miss Bear, changing tactics: "Um, how many dog biscuits do you eat if you eat one and..."

She trails off so I say, "I don't eat dog biscuits. I'm not a dog."

Miss Bear: "Well, the dog wouldn't eat the biscuits because he's mad. Why is he mad?"

Me, guessing, "Because you didn't feed him? Didn't play with him?"

Miss Bear: "Because I wouldn't take a bath with him."

The conversation fell apart after that. This is a typical conversation with her. She loves to tell stories.

Skipper... Who gave me the inspiration of a sun. I love that he always loves to draw the host and chalice in all his drawings.

What do you do when you're stuck inside and sick but not too sick?


  1. Fun! I always love doing art with the kids. I think that's a really good one to do when you're stuck inside. We will paint on some cardboard in the house. Your sunshine reminds me of a fun art project I could do w/ the kids. Divine a big canvas (ie: cardboard) into squares and have each child be responsible for a few. Would make a fun piece of art to hang on the wall.

    1. Me too, Elisa! I just have to remind myself to sit down and do it. Painting on cardboard is a great idea. I'm starting a stash. I can't believe I haven't thought of that one. I love the idea of a joint painting to hang. Our new walls are so bare, they're just begging for something to spruce them up. :)


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