Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

We are so very blessed. Last night was full of family fun and laughter and (good) tears and games and food.

Little cuties ran around, like Little Miss Z, who held out for the ball (and that's without a nap yesterday!):

We were visited by a queen (the king is in the background) - sorry for the blurry picture but it is a cute one and very Miss Bear.

We played our annual Pictionary game, men vs. women. For the I don't know how many years in a row, the women won again (and actually won two games as we were able to get through two somehow this year!).

Pictionary is hilarious, especially as the drinks flow. Even with losing year after year, the men still come back for more, that's just how fun it is for us. I think I know why the women win. Here's a typical turn of the women:

"Tree -- Forest -- Fairy -- Peter Pan -- Youth" (Not an actual play-by-play but you get the idea of random, yet connected words, that eventually lead to the answer.)

Here's the men's way: First silence with a grunt or two and then "tree ... Tree ... TREE!" as if by shouting a word louder and louder the answer will come.

The women really are no better at drawing, just in talking. Oh, here is the highlight picture of the night. If you can guess it, I will gladly give a prize. :) Category: Object.

Today will be a quiet one, full of recovery and cleaning (lightly) and our last vacation day as a family. I have a little Christmas activity too, something simple, to continue our Christmas season celebration.

Of course we have been to Mass this morning, and though tired, I love Marian feast days. Let us always remember to say yes and yes again to God, just as Mary did.

A picture of our house turning in after Mass this morning. We had a few inches of fresh snow last night, and a storm is supposed to come in today through tomorrow, leaving us with up to 11 inches. Fun!!! I'm staying inside, all warm and cozy, next to a fire and hot soup. Thank God for shelter, clothes on our back, family, and food to eat.

God bless you in this new year.

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