Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hanging onto Christmas

We're hanging onto the Christmas spirit here. Not quite in the way I wanted to since a health "flare" happened which has me moving slowly (or not at all). In general, my health has drastically improved but I keep experiencing these "flares." That's what I call them anyway since I'm not sure what's going on (neither does the doctor as all tests so far have been normal... thankfully).

We didn't quite get the promised 11 inches from the last snowstorm but still plenty at around 8 inches. The sunny days have been so nice since we are stuck inside. It makes the snow all sparkly and our rooms warm.

We are stuck inside because it has been cold! Yep, the van said -6. We have a break today with temps around 30 degrees so we'll head outside to play and sled! But another storm with 8ish inches is coming (and possibly ice to start off with) followed by extremely cold temps, like -40 wind chills. Oh brr... Have I mentioned our furnace keeps making this loud boom and last night it sounded like an explosion? I pray someone can come out today to check it out.

Cozy fires have been nice this season.

So we've been reading, watching some Christmas movies, playing with friends (who are moving to Tennessee today), eating too much sugar (the kids), and trying to get back into a nice sleep schedule (hahaha). And those kings? They're slowly making their way to the nativity. Soon, soon, kings, you will reach your destination.

I love Epiphany and I just hope the day finds healthy kiddos here (as it seems Skipper is coming down with something again). We like to have a king cake with a hidden bean for good luck, a few gifts, blessing of the house, and the arrival of the kings. Do you do anything special for Epiphany?


  1. So sorry you haven't been feeling well, but glad you have been enjoying Christmas!

    1. Thanks Sylvia, and just after I told you I was doing better! It's a continual lesson.


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