Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Week in Review (v.2)

~~ 1 ~~

Last Sunday morning after Mass, the kids and I had a little birthday celebration for Mary. We prayed 10 Hail Mary's while blowing a candle out for each, followed by a round of "Happy Birthday!" and Udi's gluten-free blueberry muffins.

~~ 2 ~~

Afterwards, I took a day trip - a mom-vacation if you will - to visit a friend and learn how to sew a simple skirt. For perspective, I have not sewed since I was in junior high! My friend sewed Miss Z's skirt (on the right) and I sewed Miss Bear's (on the left). I had adjustments to make once home, but the girls absolutely love them, and overall, it really was not too difficult. (Miss Bear's skirt ended up less flared because we had issues with my machine not wanting to do the longer stitch for gathering, so I had to pin and gather by hand.)

~~ 3 ~~

I don't know how it can feel both extremely busy and yet so bleh at the same time. Although, with kids, a momma's job is never done. Plus, schooling, and cooking, and, and, and... I sure am glad cooler weather is on its way. While it's not been extremely hot here, the mosquitoes have kept us prisoner indoors. I still don't know if it was mosquitoes or not, but for a few days there Skipper was covered in hives (he's had them on and off all summer but this was bad). Poor kid, he's had it rough the last few weeks: salmonella poisoning, a cold, hives, and a bad migraine (yep, he's inherited the gene).

~~ 4 ~~

If we ever need a bigger vehicle, I think something like this one would work. What do you think?

~~ 5 ~~

Pure and total, overheated, exhaustion. I especially love Critter's posture.

~~ 6 ~~

Miss Z is 19 months now (really??!!), and she is a ham. She's a cuddler, an extremely picky eater, never wants to sleep and goes until she crashes, is chattering away with the few words she knows (grandpa, mama, meow, stop, unh, num-num, up) and screams for everything else. In a nutshell, she's bright and hilarious.

~~ 7 ~~

Last, but not least, we put in an offer on a house and it was accepted. Assuming all goes smoothly, by November, we will own this home:


  1. So excited about the new house for you! In all it sounds like a great week. Hope Skipper is all healed and feeling better!

    1. Sylvia, we're excited too! And no, he seems to be getting sick again. :( His immune system must be taking too many hits or something. I have that little worrier going off in my head.

  2. That house looks unique and wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Sarah, the house isn't too crazy original but it's definitely not cookie cutter. It'll be fun to figure it all out. :)

  3. I love you new home!! How exciting, to be in a new house for Thanksgiving and hopefully settled in by Christmas?

    NO wonder you are feeling blah--moving is no small feat!

    Those skirts are adorable!


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