Friday, August 2, 2013

Book Sale 2013

**** While the sale officially ended on the 7th, I will keep this post live and going for those items unsold. Just send me along an email if you want to buy anything. Thank you! ****

I am joining Jessica's used curriculum book sale this year, and will follow her shipping details:

Shipping will be a flat rate of $3.00 for 1-3 items (if they will fit in an envelope) and $6.00 for a box of any size, to cover the cost of packaging and media rate in the continental U.S.

If interested in any books, please email me at nmlove.123(at)gmail(dot)com with your name, email, and shipping address and I can send you a money request via PayPal. Thank you!

  • SOLD..A Catholic How-To-Draw, like new (red pen mark on p.14, does not interfere with drawing) -- $8 ...SOLD

  • SOLD... Primer: cd + teacher's manual -- $15 ...SOLD
  • SOLD... Alpha: test and activity booklet, new -- $5 ...SOLD
  • SOLD... Beta: cd + teacher's manual -- $15 ...SOLD
  • SOLD... Beta: test and activity booklet, new -- $5 ...SOLD
  • SOLD... MCP Mathematics: Level K Teaching Guide, like new -- $5 ...SOLD
  • SOLD... MCP Mathematics: Level B Teaching Guide, new -- $5 ...SOLD
  • SOLD... MCP Mathematics: Level B student, new -- $10 ...SOLD
  • Sold... Nature's Wild volume 1: Whales and Dolphins, good condition -- $2 ...Sold
  • Nature's Wild volume 3: Sharks, good condition -- $2
  • Nature's Wild volume 7: Birds of Prey, good condition -- $2
  • Nature's Wild volume 9: Spiders, good condition -- $2
  • Nature's Wild volume 11: Snakes, good condition -- $2
  • Sold... Nature's Wild volume 15: Fish, good condition -- $2 ...Sold


  1. Hi Nicole,

    I am interested in:
    A Picture Book of the Mass
    I Sing a Song of the Saints
    Thank you,

  2. Hello! I would be interested in:

    •MCP Mathematics: Level B student, new -- $10
    *Any writing in it?
    •The Faith Explained

    Shawna Walz


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