Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nature Walk

Here's to blogging day #2, a walk around my house, checking out bits of high summer.

The prettiest annuals I planted this year. This rainy season is great for the greenery, but not so much the flowers.

I love these little baby pine cones in our hemlock tree.

It's hard to see, but here's a baby walnut tree we "rescued" from the back of a pickup truck where it sprouted - not that it needed rescuing! With all the walnut tree babies around here, I'm beginning to think walnuts are the rabbits of trees.

Yum, sorrel is pretty to look at and fun to eat!

Hey, how did that cutie sneak in there? Miss Z is finally walking for good now. She's hilarious to watch.

Yep, the walnut trees are staying busy. We need our babies next year, right?

You can't tell in this picture, but this lily is huge - larger than my hand!

My Grandma's teeny fish pond. The kids love feeding them whenever they can.

The garden is growing crazily with greens with all this rain, but the fruits are floundering - all that is, except the cucumbers, which seem to be the zucchini of the season. We're enjoying cucumber slices, cucumber salad, pickles, cucumber salad dressing. Please, if you have a cucumber recipe, do share!

And a little homage to my home state of Ohio. The buckeyes are getting ready. These nuts are so fun to open and play with come fall. The kids loved it last year (their first buckeye experience). The boys even planted their buckeyes, and one of them actually grew this spring! Unfortunately, my Mom took it out with the mower.

Nature walks... a weekly must-do in our homeschool (officially one day a week). We mostly stick around our home to watch the changing seasons, but visiting local parks sure is fun too. Until tomorrow...

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