Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Unsettling Mass Experience

While on vacation I of course made a point of attending Mass. The church in North Myrtle Beach was just fine, perhaps lacking in young people (at the time I went anyway) which always makes me feel like my family is in the spotlight, but aside from a few small details, I could have been at my home parish.

For Trinity Sunday, I knew we were traveling. So what to do? First, I found it difficult finding a Roman Catholic Church along our route in VA/WV without going too much out of the way. In the end, we stayed overnight at my brother's (not Catholic) in Virginia, and Skipper and I went to the Saturday vigil at a church within the Richmond diocese. And it was weird. And unsettling.

I actually was not going to write anything about it, but the experience just won't leave me alone. I won't say too much because I am trying to not judge, but people, this is the house of God. When I enter I feel it only appropriate to genuflect to my God, to kneel in prayer, to prepare for Mass. What I don't expect is to not see the tabernacle , and to walk in feeling like I am at my 20 year high school reunion. There was more, but I will stop there. I felt uncomfortable, and so did my 8 year old son. Please tell me that I am not wrong in thinking this is inappropriate?

This "Just Shut Up" article sums it up better than I can.

Oh, and if you are not aware, MassTimes.org is a great resource for finding churches and Mass times within the United States. I still call or check out the church's website to double check times, but at least you can narrow it down!

**I realized in my last post I wrote, "I miss some of my readers." I hope you understood I meant all of my readers. ;) I was in a rush while on vacation and obviously wrote too quickly!


  1. Richmond is a very....different area. We lived there for about 6 months and felt very out of place. The Catholic Churches were just as you described but worse. There were no kneelers or statues. Very little stained glass and worst of all, no one was dressed appropriately (jeans and t-shirts, shorts...)People were talking throughout the Mass and left before the priest. Very unsettling to us.

    1. Arley, thank goodness I am not alone in this. There was more than I wrote and most of what you wrote was true of this church as well. Honestly, for the first bit I was there I questioned whether it actually was a Roman Catholic Church, and that's even after having visited their website and reading they were part of the Richmond diocese!

      I truly am not judging (I hope). We just felt incredibly uncomfortable.


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