Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Vacation Style

I know, I have not blogged in awhile. Mostly I have been quite busy from Lent to Easter to First Reconciliation and First Communion for Skipper to day in, day out kid and house stuff to homeschool stuff. Plain busy. And contemplative, which means I rarely feel like sharing or writing - not in a bad way, just in a "I'm still reflecting and don't know what to write" kind of way. But I miss here, and miss some of my readers, so I felt a tug when I saw Jennifer's 7 quick takes today, and decided to write my very first 7 quick takes, vacation style (we're in North Myrtle Beach!). So here goes...
Just a note... If it's 1:00am and you find yourself at the last spot to find a hotel before a stretch of mountains loom before you and all hotels are 99.9% full, you can fit a family of six in a king size bed (I slept in the vaguely open spot between Critter and Miss Z). Or, plan your trip better than we did and reserve your room! Actually, we meant to get on the road the following morning at an awfully early hour so we decided to hop in the van the night prior while excitement and wakefulness ruled. We went as far as we could before Miss Z couldn't take anymore.
Yes, my husband can drive! I have to confess I was not looking forward to the 12+ hours of driving between home and Myrtle Beach. You see, I do most of the driving. My husband falls asleep at the drop of a dime so I thought I would have to somehow maintain alertness for two days. However, caffeine sure did the trick, though he is still holding out for a car like Google's smart car.
Ah, finally! Who wouldn't like stepping out on the beach every night? Enough said.
Though we played in the pool just as much as the beach, I preferred the beach. Storms drove us off each day we went, but that's probably a good thing considering our pale, northern skins.
No words except that this is my favorite picture so far. Miss Bear, who is my most difficult child - among other things, she is moody and never seems happy - just loved the beach. It makes me want to stay, seeing her smile so much.
Ok, this is just cool. I could sit and watch forever, or at least, a very long time. Critter is pointing to one of the thousands of thousands mussels or whatever bivalve this is that would, again and again, burrow its way into the sand after each wave would come into shore and out. Just amazing. And to think of how much I complain about the day in, day out to-dos.
Brentwood Restaurant: yum!!! We rarely go out to eat. Even more so, just my husband and I, but hey, it's vacation and the grandparents are here so we did. And it was delicious! If you are ever in the North Myrtle Beach area, try it out. The chef - an iron chef if you're into that kind of thing - makes everything from scratch and it's also a winery. Enough said. ;)
And now, time to enjoy one last day at the beach and pack up for the long haul home over Memorial Day weekend, which is just another shining example of my wonderful planning skills this past year.


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! We loves vacations that involve water (ocean, lakes...) I love the picture of everyone in bed together!

  2. That picture with all of you in the one bed cracked me up! That is a classic! I've never been to Myrtle looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  3. Love the bed picture too! So glad you got to get away and had a good vacation!! Love girls in dresses on the beach--beautiful!


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