Friday, March 29, 2013

Not Alone

We all have crosses. Some big, some little. Some completely unnecessary. And some not even ours - sometimes by choice, often not.

I think Satan gets a kick out of using those crosses against us, of making us feel alone in our troubles, among other things.

But guess what?

You are not alone. Ever.

Jesus suffered the ultimate cross - completely innocent yet dying a horrific death... just because of us sinners. He loved us so much that he accepted his cross - he did not want to, he prayed to God to let this cross pass him by - and still, he died for us. He knows what it is like to suffer, both mentally and physically. Turn to him. Lay your cross down at his feet.

Others may abandon you or be unable to help you or disappoint you. Love them anyway and place all your trust in the Lord. Let him help you carry your cross.

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