Friday, February 1, 2013

A 6th Birthday!

Critter turned six on Wednesday, January 30th! Naturally, he was very excited, and oh, how the time has flown for me. The birthday boy requested an Angry Birds theme. Why are they angry anyway? I do find the games fun - both the digital and the "board" game. My detail / mechanical - oriented child likes this very much. My husband also took the kids to a local game + playground area. They had loads of fun! I had to miss out because of horrible disorganization coupled with the worst cake experience I have had to date. It worked out in the end, but what aggravation!


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet son!!! God bless him! Great job on the theme...I've never played the game, my kids did once, by accident, they loaded it on our phone and ran up like $300 of charges, they thought it was "free" because it just went on when they put it there. So angry dada was what we got.

  2. No way! I'd be furious! My oldest was a toddler when he pushed too many buttons on our xbox (we stream netflix through it for our tv) and bought something, I can't even remember. Thank goodness it was only $25, but we were stumped for awhile where that charge came from. We put up parental blocks after that. ;) The angry birds game is kind of neat and even educational a little (especially the hands-on ones) as you are indirectly learning about physics.

  3. Sure it's a learning game....hahah! I'm not exagerating on that cost either--it happened this past fall! I guess you are charged for the time played, for every minute and every game added, they added a lot of games and each played alot. I just thought they were messing with the phone, I didn't even know there were games on there (there weren't, they put them there) :)


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