Thursday, January 31, 2013

A St. John Bosco Quote

... from the only interview of St. John Bosco (source):

Reporter: Don Bosco, could you comment on your educational philosophy and the methods you use in your schools that are so much admired? How do you manage to maintain discipline when dealing with so many boys?

Don Bosco: The Salesian way of educating the young is quite simple. Basically, I insist on letting boys be boys. Let them play and enjoy themselves as much as they want as long as God is not offended. But if I have a philosophy of education, it consists in discovering a boy's best qualities and then exploiting them to his advantage. You must admit, sir, that any person is at his best when he is doing what he likes and does best.. Children are the same. Promote their positive qualities and they will thrive. As for discipline - love and respect for the young is the answer. In the 46 years I have worked among children, never once have I had to resort to corporal punishment, which by the way is very much in vogue. And I may say so, all those children who have come under my care have always continued to show me their love and respect.

And this, dear readers, is one of a few nuggets hitting me today - very loudly, if I may say so - in response to a very generalized, I have no idea what I need but I need something kind of prayer. I can only hope and try and try again to live up to such a philosophy with my small brood. Peace to you on this day.

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