Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hail Maria Bambina

Hail Maria Bambina
a poem in honor of the Child Mary

Hail Maria Bambina, the Father's precious little one,
God's heavenly grace beams from your face as the moon reflects the sun,
Angels 'round your cradle sing lullabies while you sleep,
Help me to call Him "Abba," His commandments to keep.

Hail Maria Bambina, the Holy Spirit's humble bride,
Your "fiat," one day to give the Angel kneeling at your side,
As I along the path of life, like a lost sheep roam,
Place your tiny hand in mine and gently lead me home.

Hail Maria Bambina, the Virgin Mother of the Son,
Now in your cradle softly sleeping, Your earthly life begun,
One day faithfully beneath His cross to stand in sorrow deep,
Help me to embrace my cross and to my station keep.

O Most Holy Triune God, I love to ponder thee,
As I sing to Baby Mary, your blessed little one,
At once Your daughter, most pure spouse
And Mother of Your Son.

words by Frederick Speckels

For more prayers and information on the history and devotion to Maria Bambina, check out this simple but informative website: Have a blessed day!

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