Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Morning Reflection

This past week...

Another week has passed. It was a long week because of illness, but despite that, it was a good week. After a fun weekend of "camping" out and enjoying family, I thought to settle into a normal week of school, with a trip to the grocery store (much needed) and the library. But, Skipper did not feel well on Monday though it seemed to pass quickly and he was up and playing and eating normally. The following morning Miss Bear seemed fine and then she was not. She passed the next two days, feverish, like this:

I almost had to take her to the doctor for dehydration because she was barely awake to drink! She definitely had the worst of it. Miss Z was off as well but nursing - lots and lots and lots of nursing - kept it from getting out of hand. Skipper's reformed another day and Critter had a two day spell. They are all now sporting cold symptoms.

This past week was a perfect one for watching some videos and catching up on some reading for history. One really cute movie we found on Netflix that turned out to be quite educational (in a subtle way unless I interjected my voice in) was A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventure. This little turtle searches all over for his one true love, and he finds himself in many situations. This could lead to talks about geography, the food chain, trash and recycling, whaling, biology, oil spills, etc.

Our reading was all about Ancient China. I found three neat little chapter books. Originally I wanted to have Skipper read one to me, but I ended up reading them this week so we could wrap up this unit. The books are from a series of Read-It! Chapter Books Historical Tales. The three we read were Stranger on the Silk Road: A Story of Ancient China, The Jade Dragon: A Story of Ancient China, and The Emperor's Painting: A Story of Ancient China. There are more books in the series, covering different parts of history. I found mine through our local library. Also, to note, I had not realized that the Stranger on the Silk Road is actually set past 1,000 A.D. (we are studying all of B.C.) but we had talked about silk making so it still fit for us. Another book that would work but I did not see until I looked at Amazon was The Terracotta Girl: A Story of Ancient China.

One last thing of note last week was my first visit to a family/environmental doctor. It is going to be a slow process. After talking with him, he was definitely, without a doubt, on board of totally eliminating milk, egg, and peanuts from my diet. Despite my negative allergy skin test in the past, he said if I react the way I do, I am allergic. So there you go. Our first step together as a doctor/patient duo is to retest for celiac disease. I had been tested when the boys were first diagnosed but that was nearly three years ago! And my digestive issues seemed to be worsening... So I am awaiting test results before we move on to the next step. I am glad to be doing something and actually having a doctor on board.



The kids are still recovering. I need to buy some healthy, belly-filling, cold-fighting foods. I was thinking of cooking a chicken for some homemade chicken soup. Perhaps a beef stew another day. Something warm and easy on the throat.

I also have to pick up the pictures I had taken of the kids. I cannot wait to see them and put them up!


And hopefully, but probably not, feeling kind of yucky myself, is finally getting to the basement and organizing all the boxes that were stuffed down there during the move.


This cutie always makes me smile.

Random Thoughts...

On Prayer... I have really struggled with prayer. So much so that I will start and within a few heartbeats I am wondering what I was even doing. This past week I really tried to concentrate more on prayer and I found simple lines to be the best - "Jesus, I trust in You" was a favorite. These little one-liners really helped pull me out of myself this week and helped lift me up. I am sure there is something nice little quip about simple prayer out there. Simple is definitely working!

A Little Humor... Skipper told me at dinner the other night, "I do all my stuff now. I've never been in time out my whole life, since I was seven." He cracks me up. Thank God for that.

On Journaling... I have never been much of a journaler, but this past week, I thought, why not? I have so much randomness going on inside of me, perhaps it would help to write it down. I am keeping it online because of little eyes who can read now. It's simply a private blog and I write a little morning meditation and a nightly list of thanks. I throw in some quotes, prayers, and health stuff as I feel the need arise. Little quick bits that do not take much time. It has been a great release! And, it will be a good to look back on to keep inspiring me and to track my health.

And finally, I leave you with this. I found the quote at Tiffany's for the Assumption and love it.

"O Mary, my Mother, be my refuge and my shelter. Give me peace in the storm. I am tired on the journey. Let me rest in you. Shelter and protect me." ~St. Bernadette Soubirous~

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  1. Oh Nicole, I hope you are all feeling better by now. Prayers for you and all the littles...Can't believe how big the baby is getting and So cute! Don't you love quotes from the saints?...A great reminder that they had real human struggles, just like us. Thanks for the mention:) God bless your week ahead!


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