Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Friday: May Crowning

We have continued meeting with other families for First Friday activities. After early morning Mass, the kids have a late breakfast followed by some kind of activity related to the month. With it being May, we of course chose to do a May crowning.

After snack, the kids colored this coloring page of Our Lady of Fatima since that feast is fast approaching. I gave the moms a baggie of flower stickers to take home so the kids could "earn" flowers for Our Lady by saying prayers, doing kind deeds, etc.

Then we headed over to the house of one of the families to crown their outdoor Mary. Beforehand, I had made a crown using silk flowers and floral wire by popping off the flowers from the stem and threading on the wire. I think it turned out nice.

Once at the house, we processed from the front of the house to the back and sang Immaculate Mary and Hail Holy Queen. The youngest three girls placed on Mary's crown, while the rest put flowers in a vase by Mary's feet. After, we prayed a Hail Mary, and then the kids ran around to play.

It was simple and very nice. I have really enjoyed meeting together with these ladies and their children over this past year. Our summer plans are quite simple - weekly Friday Mass followed by prayer and play at a local park.


  1. Beautiful! So special. The crown you made is really nice.

  2. Beautiful!! I love your Mary.

  3. Thanks Gardenia, but the Mary is a friend's, not mine. I wish! :)


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