Friday, May 18, 2012

Big News

At least for our little family, and one reason I have been so quiet lately (other than a baby who does not want to sleep!). We have decided to move a little further north (though still in-state) to live nearer to family. This is doable since the kids are homeschooled and my husband works from home, but mostly because a farmhouse rental my grandparents own now sits empty. We are moving in so we can attempt to sell our current home.

I am excited to live nearer to family, but it was a difficult decision for me as there is a great group of women here that I have come to know, many of whom homeschool and are Catholic. The Catholic homeschool group is large and active here. Now I will find myself in a rural area with a small faith community. It will definitely be a change, but I am up to the challenge!

I have many school-related posts to put up, let alone anything else, but over this next month, I have a feeling I will be very quiet as we pack up and settle in.

This farmhouse has history with me. I grew up just down the road, and as a young girl, one of my first friends lived in this house. My grandparents rented it even then. This house has been lived in, you know?

Here are a few pictures. It is not a big house as some farmhouses can be, but it works for us. And, according to my grandma, it is the oldest house in the county. Neat, huh?


  1. It looks lovely, Nicole. God bless your move!!

  2. How exciting! I can't imagine having to move with children - we've lived in the same home since just before our first was born! I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

  3. Thanks, Jessica! We've lived in our current home since before our 1st as well, and all I have to say about moving now? There is TOO MUCH STUFF! It really is amazing what you can pack in little spaces,

  4. Pretty! I can't wait to see it all moved in. I hope you share some pictures. =)

  5. Oh wow! What a lovely home! Congratulations!!


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