Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4 months

... and a few days! With two weekends out of town and a busy week of regular stuff, I am a little late on posting these pictures. I cannot believe it has been four months! On one hand, I cannot imagine life without little Miss Z, but was it really only a few short months ago that she entered our lives?

While she can be a bit fussy, and does love to be held 24/7, she really is a good baby. She is healthy, growing well (17 lbs at the doc visit), loves to interact, and check out what is going on around this crazy house. Once she can sit up will be an even better time I think since that is all she wants to do right now!

And, for the baby in all of us:

Sirius in the Jumbo seat. Crazy cat!

I love Miss Bear's smile.

Miss Bear tries and tries to wear the baby clothes. She finally found a onesie to pair with her skirt. This actually was her "pjs" for the night.

Play or Work? Hmm... that's a tough one!


  1. 17 LBS!! She's adorable!!!

    Simeon will be barely 10 lbs Friday, what a difference in babies, huh?

    (Simeon likes to be held 24/7 too)

  2. My comment worked here!!! For some reason, I can't comment on many blogs...weird!

  3. Jamie, I've had trouble with a few blogs. The ones with security. Maybe Blogger has a bug right now?

    And yeah, my kids tend to grow big FAST. They have a race to around 28 lbs and then stop for a long while (except the height keeps going!). Amazingly enough, Zoe is actually the smallest of my four at this age. :) A good thing too - for me!

  4. Oh my goodness, Nicole...Miss Z is a precious bundle! Thanks for sharing:) Oh, I remember big sisters and brothers wanting to climb into all the baby stuff...too funny. Happy Mary month of May and many blessings to you:)

  5. what a living doll she is!! oh that smile. truly a blessing from Our Lord!! all children are. And her siblings love her too!!


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