Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome to the Lord's Table

Here it is, week two of the Garden of the Good Shepherd. This week's theme is all about the Lord welcoming us to His table. Can you imagine? What would it look like? What meal would we share? Would it even matter?

We ended up doubling up some days to do the readings because we had some odd moments of illness (yes, again...) and a fussy baby again. Yesterday we spent on the road to an old friend's wedding and enjoyed a hotel night - with a pool! This "meal" was perfect as a light dinner after the junkiness of a road trip. I also think this would make a perfect Sunday morning breakfast/brunch by moving a few foods around. For instance, topping a pancake with some fruit and honey and a dollop of whip cream (or a glass of milk).

Welcome to the Lord's Table
Symbols to use: table, chairs, milk, honey, bread, fruit, wine

The Decor

The boys are so not cut out for decorating but after some prompting, they helped put on a tablecloth, some candles, and our Garden of the Good Shepherd book.

The Drink
We had some sparkling apple cider I found post-Easter at the store on clearance. It was very tasty! The kids loved using our wine glasses, though they need some lessons on how to hold it!

My husband says this looks like our son had too much "wine" but really Skipper would not open his eyes for a picture.

The Meal

For the bread, there were some rolls leftover from last week, when I made the shepherd's staffs. Honey to top the roll and fruit on the side.

The Dessert

Ice-cream, of course for the milk! And... I completely forgot to snag a picture. The kids enjoyed it just the same!

Finally, once it's up and running, I will link my party up with others over at Catholic Cuisine! Until then, see you at the next party!

"I will send an angel before you, to a land flowing with milk and honey." ~ Exodus 33:2-3


  1. I love your beautiful red tablecloth!! and such a cute idea to use wine glasses for the "wine." Our party is set for Tuesday. We'll be having pretty much the same menu ;)

  2. I think your table looked lovely! The boys did a great job!

  3. Yes, the table does look lovely! Good job boys (and mom)!

    This week's theme really does make a lovely Sunday breakfast/brunch. I also love the simplicity of it... Wish all the weeks were this easy! :)

    I hope everyone is feeling better!

  4. Great job Nicole!! I'm more of a "OH, wow, look, it was the 2nd garden party Sunday...I can fit it in today" kind of gal--I should get my act together and plan it for Sunday!!!

  5. what fun!

    any my littles hold a wine glass the exact same way



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