Wednesday, April 18, 2012

U.S. State Study: Nevada & Arizona

While Critter learned all about the letter W, Skipper was with other first and second graders for his state study class. He always comes home beaming, even if I never figure out what goes on, except for the papers he brings home. When asked his favorite part, he responds, "All of it!"


Postcard, state flag, state coin, state flower, map.

State bird, Grand Canyon, Arizona wildlife puzzle.


Room for a postcard, state flag, state coin, Hoover Dam, state map.

State bird, state flower, and a fun craft art of a cactus. I wasn't sure which state he did this for in class, but I figured it could go with either. He had pre-cut shapes to work with, tissue paper for the flowers, and bits of broken toothpicks for the spines. Skipper did say he liked doing this.

Again, I'm guessing this was done for Nevada so the cactus picture was probably for Arizona. Sparkly, metallic beads threaded on a silver pipe cleaner to make a bracelet. Skipper came out of class determined to give that to Miss Bear before he would even talk to me. She proudly wore it for him.

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