Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Patriotic Alphabet Parade: "W"ildlife

I still need to catch up on the rest of Critter's scrapbook, but we did finish this week's letter: W is for Wildlife (and the White House and the Wright Brothers).

After gathering together with all the classes for our our co-op for prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, the pre-k and k's headed off to begin their W adventure. We started with My W Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure. Usually that is followed by a grab bag of letter items, but I completely skipped over that! Some ideas are a whale, watch, wood, world, worm, wand, wheel and washcloth.

The kids then whisked themselves to the table for some coloring and handwriting practice, followed by a letter collage (in this case, drawing wriggly worms). By the way, I do mean whisked. They had the added incentive of playing on the playground if they finished their work well and on time! While they worked, they listened to some books - one about the Wright brothers and the other was Madeline at the White House.

You can access my handwriting pages: pre-k (tracing) and k (no tracing).

Here are the collage sheets.

Now for the craft! Handprint polar bear pictures (yes, some live in Alaska). We helped trace a hand, and then the child filled in the snow with white paint. Details were added at home once the paint dried. The kids really liked this!

Finally, the kids grabbed a pre-made paper airplane and decorated it with stickers. Originally I was going to have them make their own until my husband showed me the "real" - and much more complicated way of making them. It worked out perfectly. Once done, we had races to see who could fly the farthest. I think they would have liked to keep racing, but the lure of going outside prevailed.

We grabbed our W snack (watermelon of course), and went to play. A very excellent day!

At home Critter and I made up another scrapbook page full of The Wright Brothers (the same pictures I used for Skipper's when he did North Carolina).

Critter also "wrote" a story about a whale that he made out of a small blob on his paper. It was too cute!

We are almost through our alphabet! Next week we look forward to X is for eXploration!

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