Friday, April 27, 2012

Patriotic Alphabet Parade: e"X"ploration

This week's co-op was a fun one. The kids were slightly crazy (the usual kind of crazy though), and we were lucky to get outside a bit at the end despite a blustery day.

First the kids gathered round for the weekly line-up of the ABC song, the book "My X,Y,Z Sound Box" by Jane Belk Moncure, and a grab bag of the letter X items (actually quite a challenge!). Some ideas: xylophone, x-ray, or words that have "x" in it like box and fox.

Next up came the practice letter writing, which had a coloring page of a man on the moon - for space eXploration. You can find my pre-k worksheet here (traceable letters) and my kindergarten here (copy).

After, the kids created their very own treasure map for the letter X collage sheet. After all, "X" marks the spot. It was interesting to see what the kids put in their pictures. Critter wanted to copy my example. He did it upside down, but he started his path at a house, around a tree, by the flowers, and on to the x. Later he told me this was his favorite part of class.

Our last to-do was to create our very own exploration telescopes which we then used on an outdoor nature scavenger hunt. We decided not to team off, but kept everyone as a group. I was able to snag a shot of one of the girls using her scope to check something out (I was inside for most of the hunt with a fussy Miss Z!). In the end, the kids found everything on the list.

At home, Critter and I added on to his scrapbook by adding in some explorers from history. The Lewis and Clark expedition:

And, I found this fun game for the Oregon Trail. Critter wanted me to play over and over. Luckily they were short enough games that I could do so!

Next week comes the letter Y and it promises to be as much fun, if not more!


  1. what great activities for your children's brains!! an great idea to use eXploration for the letter X!~! science and art and penmanship all in one!

  2. Yes, the co-op has been a fun - and interesting - addition this year!


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