Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Preparations

An Easter surprise for me from the kiddos:

My carrot cake fell apart - but it tastes delicious!

Dyeing Eggs:

Making resurrection cookies that I am sure will not turn out. We did not end up with mounds even after 15 minutes of high speed blending. A little tip: keep a towel close by and all food bowls away from kids who react strongly to the taste of salt. I wonder what would have happened if Critter had the tasted vinegar?

Kids are in bed. Now it's my turn. Exchanging sacrifice beans for jelly beans:

Opening Jesus' "tomb" to remove him. At 3pm on Friday we had blown out a candle burning by our crucifix (which is removable from its base). We then wrapped the crucifix in white and buried him in the tomb. The kids thought this was dark and enclosed like Jesus' tomb, and we even have our Roman guard of Pat-a-Cake Bear.

Putting out the Alleluia:

Filling eggs with coins (hey, I'm ok with doing math on Easter!). My husband said to fill them all - 103 of them!!!

Filling the kids' Easter baskets:

Have a wonderful, joyous Easter!

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  1. you're having a busy night. these night time preparations are so much fun ... it always reminds me of when I was a child, so anticipating the Easter morning!~! God bless yo and your family on Easter.


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