Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Lost Week of Lent

Somewhere behind me is a lost week. A lost week of Lent. And I'm just now resurfacing. We kept with the kids' daily Lenten activities with a few misses but mine were very easily sidetracked (what does that say about me?). I sure could tell a difference as I was just a mite grumpy come week's end.

So where did the week go? School... to a clingy, cranky Miss Z... to a sick Skipper who is still feeling it days later... to the sinkhole that is my house (ah, how badly I need clean and clutter-free!)... to never-ending hungry stomachs...

Ok, pity party over and done. Off to a new week. With renewed energy and spirit. With calmness, patience. I sure pray it so anyway!

A few pictures just because...

Playing with "oobleck" last week for Dr. Seuss. To celebrate, we always read of course but then we get a little crazy with oobleck (cornstarch and water), creating wacky characters from odds and ends, and strange food. Because of illness, we didn't make it past the oobleck.

And sleeping babies, no matter what size!


  1. Nicole..I know how you feel! I've had an awful virus that's left me fighting off bronchitis and a nasty cough. The whole house has had it and nobody's really over it yet. I feel like I'm in Land of the Lost ;-)

    I've been missing in action from blogging and missing out on reading so I'm trying to play catch up in between.

    Here's hoping we both have a better week!

    God's blessings to you and yours.

  2. Lisa, thanks for stopping by. Hope you and yours feel well soon!

  3. Hi Nicole~ You speak for all of us at one time or another...You are not alone:) Sending you prayers of encouragement! I am in the same place with my house...I feel like it's a sink hole too. It's so hard to find time while homeschooling and our mothering to do it all. My goal is a major summer purge! Sleeping baby photos are one of my favorites...Thanks for sharing!


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