Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Before Picture

This is a little off topic for me for my blog, but I figured the more public I am about it, maybe the more committed I would be. You know?

My brother is a Team Beachbody coach. Have you heard of this? If you google it, all you will find are reviews from people selling the stuff. For a long time I was able to dodge his sales techniques because the challenges consisted of doing the workouts + drinking a shake, which contained dairy, that I cannot have. Note: I do love my brother, just not the over-the-top enthusiasm for Beachbody and Shakeology. Fast forward to January 2012 and guess what? The company finally developed a vegan shake without soy. Awesome. Now I am stuck. But luckily for my brother, I was stuck between his high enthusiasm and my "ugh, I cannot believe this is my body anymore!"

So I decided to sign up for a challenge - which by the way is 90 days, not the 30 I thought I signed up for! For me, this means I drink a shake in the morning, which actually is a good thing for me as breakfast has been the hardest for me to get post-baby. And, it actually is very good. The vegan flavor tastes mostly like strawberry. It has a slight thickness to it which is easily remedied if you make the shake thicker (though it is not bad if thin either). I have tried it with plain, unsweetened coconut milk as well as chocolate coconut milk - both good. Shakeology is supposed to be full of good-for-you-stuff, low calorie, high protein, yada, yada, yada. I am sure it is highly overpriced but to be fair, any vegan shake will be and good luck finding one without soy. I know it's out there but seriously, I have no energy to do the research right now! And, I also do not plan on the shakes being long-term.

The other part of the challenge is the workouts. You have a bunch to choose from via Beachbody. Most are long and extremely difficult (for me anyway - it tires me out just looking at them working out!). I chose instead to do the 10 minute Trainers. I can - and I have - fit in ten minutes of workouts, and they do work me out. Once I start getting more in shape - yes! - I can add the bands for a harder workout. In the 10 minute package you have 10 minutes of each: cardio, yoga, total body, lower body, abs. Personally, I love the cardio. It gets my heart pumping and it works me. My only wish is that it came with more than one 10 minute cardio. That one routine is going to get old fast.

With the challenge I am part of a group, and since I know a majority of the people, it is nice and we help each other by telling others that we worked out for the day, what we are having trouble with, etc. This is a very nice part of any plan - the support of others.

The worst part, for now anyway? The before pictures. You have to take them as part of the challenge. I jokingly told my husband that you always see the before pictures and the people slump, stick out their belly, look drawn and haggard, etc. and that I was going to be "all sparkly" for mine - great posture, makeup, and so forth. That is, until I went to take the picture! It really is horrible, and while I know I am out of shape (and not just you had a baby out of shape), the pictures really were awful! I guess that's my motivation to keep at it!

I'll have to post a "real" review on Beachbody and Shakeology post-challenge. And this truly turned into a long, rambling post. I am still reeling from an awful cold that laid me flat yesterday. So if you stuck with me, wow, that is amazing! :)


  1. So, how spendy are those shakes? The regular ones? I wish those websites just had the price right out there in the front.

    I'm interested. I looked into that 10 minute thing with my last baby and I always read the reviews first, and I remember that they said, you can't actually lose in just the 10 minutes per day, but that gets you started and it's just as easy to say do it for 10 more minutes, or even a total of 30 each day, once you've started. I can see that, I always end up working out more than I'd planned. (and I plan for that--haha!)

    We mamas are always thinking the same things aren't we? Sure wish Zumba was one of those Beachbody could let me know how it is before I buy it!! haha!

    Well, I really want to encourage you, I'm proud of you for posting it and taking the picture!!! I used to put signs all around that said "fat" but now I have a picture on my treadmill (that I don't use right now) of me when I was in a bikini--positive motivation!!! I always wonder what "before" picture I'd use--probably Baptism pics.

    You keep it up!!!!
    Can't wait to hear more!!

  2. OK, looked up the price--pretty spendy, basically, 120 bucks for one month....just can't justify it. (for us) I've looked at the protein drinks at like Sam's Club, but have no idea if they taste good--and they are very spendy too.

  3. Jamie, it is spendy. It ends up being $4/shake. But, with husband's approval, I did it because one, to find a vegan shake sans soy would no doubt be expensive, and if it doesn't work, then I have no guilt telling my brother so! :) And surprisingly, we came under our food budget last month including the shakes!

    I think post-baby I will definitely lose by just the 10 minute trainerm but in time I will need to do more. I can always add 3, 3-10 minute videos together over the day or all at once if I'm able so I do like that versatility. But for now, I am so out of shape, lol! And, while I'd love to lose the baby weight, I am most interested in gaining energy back. By the way, my kids love it when I "exercise." They come running and screaming.

    I've heard good things about Zumba but have never tried personally.


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