Monday, February 6, 2012

A Woodcarving Show

Over the weekend, we visited our hometown for my grandparents' annual woodcarving show. My grandfather was in a chemical work-related accident back in the day, and he became involved with woodcarving as a result. My grandmother also started to carve, as well as paint. Together, over the years, they have built up a woodcarving business - offering a place to learn to carve, to come hang out and work, to buy materials, offer classes, and hosting this show, now on its 15th year. There were some great pieces, but I was half-way through the show before I remembered I had a camera in my hand! Here are a few glimpses:

Every year it snows on this weekend. We woke up to a "Christmas" snow. Beautiful!

The little sign reads, "This will be a knight to dismember."

Skipper found a St. Francis, a favorite of his.

Penguins! Skipper pointed out every one he saw as well as all the polar bears.

My mom carved these wooden flowers. And added pictures of my kids to the basket as a gift to me.

A bitty basket of flowers my mom made.

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  1. Beautiful. they are so talented. Lovelove the Saint Francis!


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