Thursday, February 9, 2012

Candle Baptism Favors

Miss Z's baptism is coming up in less than two weeks so I have been working on little things for our small gathering after. Naturally, I had it in my head to make something myself. More specifically, I wanted seashell candles (the shell being a symbol of baptism). So of course I just had to make beeswax candles. You know, sometimes I get an idea in my head and it is very difficult to transition to a new idea if one does not work out. Nicely, this one did. Originally, I was going to make individual shells, but I had a hard time filling it with wax because of the angle. Immediately I thought of doing them in sets of three, which is a nice reminder of the Most Holy Trinity. What do you think? Picture tutorial:

Grate about 1/2 lb beeswax. My husband ended up in the garage chiseling off chunks for me (much easier and faster!).

Two bags of shells (found at Michaels). Hot glue three shells together. Add wick. I used a wire wick which I did not know was not recommended for beeswax until after I had purchased everything and opened it. Oh well. They are small candles so hopefully it will work!

Melt the wax (in stages if need be) over med-low heat. I put mine in a recycled tin can in a pot of water. The spoon is there to weight the can down.

Once wax is melted, pour into shells. Once hardened, trim wicks. (I put the shells on wax paper to protect my counters and make clean-up easy - the dried wax peels off nicely for re-use.)


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