Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Baby's Baptism

Miss Z's first steps along her Sacramental journey, and I pray, a life of faith and holiness.

Father in Heaven,
when the Spirit came down upon Jesus
at His Baptism in the Jordan,
You revealed Him as Your own Beloved Son.
Keep me, Your child,
born of water and the Spirit,
faithful to my calling.
May I, who share in Your Life
as Your child through Baptism,
follow in Christ's path of service to people.
Let me become one in His Sacrifice
and hear His Word with faith.
May I live as Your child,
following the example of Jesus.


  1. Oh, my gosh what a little honey!!

    May God continue to pour His blessings upon her!


  2. A beautiful child of God, in a home full of love! Congratulations Miss Z, and welcome to the Church.

  3. Congratulations! Welcome to the church Miss Z!

  4. Beautiful!!! Truly beautiful! Congratulations to all of you!


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