Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Kid Bits

What a very long weekend! Having a baby who sleeps all the time is actually quite exhausting! Over the last few days, Miss Z has been pumped full of liquid. The good news? Her bilirubin levels have come down very nicely, and she was able to come off light therapy this morning. And, when awake, Miss Z is very alert and active. The not so great news? Despite all those calories, her weight is down - just an ounce, but seriously, down after all that extra work (nursing + pumped milk + formula as needed). I was a bit frustrated this afternoon at the doctor's. We have to go in for another weight check on Wednesday, and to try and collect some urine again for testing. We were not so lucky today trying to collect it. I am learning so many new things with this baby. :) This is such new territory for me. Even Skipper, my smallest baby at 8 lbs, 7 oz, quickly regained his birth weight and more by two weeks postpartum.

Able to fit into at least one piece of baby's clothes!

The other three are doing great, and loving Miss Z whenever they can. It is a race to her side whenever she opens her eyes. Kisses are given as they pass her bassinet. Hair rubs and tickling of toes as she nurses. Today we started our Winter Study unit for some "school" fun. It was nice to have a focus for the morning, and then to have a carefree afternoon (after the doctor's of course). And the kids enjoyed it - the interaction, doing something new for school, and taking a break from the usual routine. I plan on posting what we do with plenty of pictures, but we are taking a nice two-week long hands-on study so you will have to wait for it.

I am so thankful that I am healing fast, the kids are staying healthy, and that Miss Z is "picking up" despite no weight gain. I am thankful for the mild winter we have been having so far. I wish I could enjoy it with the kids, but at least they are playing outside more than they would have had it been colder. I am thankful for good friends checking in on me, for family, and for pineapple. Seriously, I have had a major craving for fresh fruits and roasted vegetables since having Miss Z. No cravings while pregnant of course, but now they are flooding in! I look forward to another winter fun day, to cuddling Miss Z, to relaxing this evening, and to head to Mass once again.

I hope you have a relaxing, peaceful evening as well!


  1. Oh, both your girls are such sweetie pies!!!

    Love the feet picture...tried to get that but it was too blurry...

    I hate those bilirubin things....if she's eating and pooping, don't worry...but try telling that to the doctors!!

    For the last 2 babies, I took Dandelion Root (pill form) for a couple months before baby came, it helped with the bilirubin stuff, both were borderline when leaving,but not dangerous and we were fine. Before that, they all needed extra tests and Nicholas needed the lights. Just something to keep in mind for your next baby...

    We had to go in for 3 weight checks in the first 2 weeks. Simeon is only about 5 lbs, and did gain 2 1/2 ounces in the first 2 weeks, so the numbers are going up, but not very fast.

  2. Jamie, I've tried taking feet pictures with each and this is the first time they came out decent!

    Zoe left the hospital slight to moderate risk for jaundice but because she wasn't eating well (more like waking up) she wasn't pooping and there you go. Lilly had jaundice too but it was because she had a ton of swelling and bruising.

    I'm really praying her weight is up at least a little tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe the jaundice peaking over the weekend led to her not gaining weight. The whole experience is odd and I keep questioning what I should or should not be doing when it comes to feeding her - something that should be relatively natural.

    Glad that Simeon is gaining weight. Slow or fast, gaining weight is key. I love seeing how alert he is in the pictures. All my pictures are of Zoe sleeping! The one awake picture I did capture I somehow permanently deleted. ;)

  3. look at those precious little piggies (toes) !!! and I do believe Miss Z looks like she is smiling in that first picture!! your other little girlie is a cutie too!


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