Thursday, December 15, 2011

Decking the Halls

I meant to do this as a "Wordless Wednesday" post last night, but instead, my husband and I were surfing the web looking at washers. Looks like Christmas is coming early to our house - and hopefully STAT as I have a load of kitchen towels to do and very few clean ones left. I cannot deny that I look forward to a new washer though. This last one is the third in as many years, but I sure am thankful that it was a "clean" death versus the last which leaked water everywhere (amidst a cloth diaper load, no less!).

The kids and their dad had fun "decking the halls" last night. I could hear their squeals and shouts inside as I prepared dinner. They also had fun bringing out the bikes and running up and down the sidewalk to see a neighbor's blow-up decoration of Noah's Ark that they absolutely love and want to see every single night. I am just glad they had some fresh air and exercise on such a balmy night (it was 51 degrees!).


  1. Your house looks great!

    I have a friend who just got a new washer (and dryer) just in time for Christmas!!

    Wish all we needed was a washer!!

  2. Thanks! We had to get a new van in August too. Like you, ours would have cost more to fix than it was worth. Your new van looks good - and at a good price! They sure are hard to find (we debated looking at that size just for cargo space and hauling extended family).


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