Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Highlights

Our Christmas Eve "volcano." The boys were up early, we had had a bad week, and so we wrapped up our final hands-on experiment for Venus (more on this later). It was quick and the boys had a blast seeing the slow eruption, and then cleaning up after!

I filled in some waiting time having the kids "paint" these scratch-n-sniff images, using a recent Catholic Icing post as inspiration. Smells wonderful and the kids had a lot of fun!

Finally, cookies were made! And enjoyed:

Finally, Christmas morning has arrived! "Jesus" waits patiently in his crib.

Miss Bear only cared about "baby" and went straight for him. The crib soon found another use:

Some beautiful crystal trees we started on Christmas Eve. These were so cool to make. We will definitely do it again. It is super easy. Make a winter wonderland yourself!

The boys' favorite toy this year: Mario Kart Wii KNEX Building Set Bowser's Castle (which I see is way more on Amazon than I paid for!). Besides using the included racing figures, it has been great fun to "race" these hex bugs nano. By the way, this track is huge - and takes forever to put together, but they love it!

Miss Bear has two favorites: Fisher Price My First Dollhouse and Alex Toys Rub a Dub Dirty Dogs. I really had my heart set on a more grow-into kind of dollhouse but this was the only set that was decently priced and had dolls where you could not remove the clothes. Now that she has it, and loves it, I am glad this is what we ended up buying. We always have the future for something a little more "classic" and not plastic.

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