Tuesday, November 29, 2011

U.S. States Study: Week 7

Virginia & West Virginia

I am definitely going through some nesting here. Most of all, I am glad to finally wrap up the last few weeks of state studies Skipper has done. He has three more classes to do before Christmas before another break comes. I have no doubt we will not finish his scrapbook until this summer! As long as it is done before next school year, I am O.K. with that!


Postcard, state bird (cardinal), state coin, state flower (American Dogwood), map, flag and info.

A "quilt" Skipper made during class. This was his favorite activity of this particular day. We had a little glue accident but I was able to get most of the paper off.

A little extra "fun" at home with our states workbook.

West Virginia

Postcards, state quarter, map, flag and info.

What is Coal Mining? done in class. At home, Skipper wanted some lapbook-type work so I made him up a quick one (could find very little around the web).

Some extra fun again.

The State Meal

Our original meal was going to be: baked ham (VA), fried okra - or another veggie if needed (WV), something to do with tomatoes (VA), another side (not state particular), and a hot applesauce crispy (WV - from the book Eat Your Way Through the USA by Loree Pettit). I jokingly said we could eat some roadkill as it is an actual law in West Virginia that states that residents can eat roadkill IF you are the one that runs it over, you cook it for dinner that night, and report it within 12 hours. Talk about a lot of work to eat dinner! Besides, the family was not interested whatsoever in this idea. Imagine!

On the day we planned our state meal, however, I was not feeling well so the kids ended up eating toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, tator tots with ketchup, and apples. They loved it.

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