Thursday, November 10, 2011

U.S. States Study: Week 6

Delaware and Maryland

Just a tad late in putting this together, considering Skipper covered this nearly a month ago! He is really liking his "class" and is slowly telling me more and more of what he does - a good thing since I usually hear, "I don't know" or "nothing."


Outside of his co-op class, we continued to work together on his scrapbook.

Page 1: state flag with state info, place for postcard, state map, state bird, state flower (look Skipper is coloring!!!)

Page 2:  flag "craft," state coin and space for future addition

Additional state fun (workbook):


Page 1:  space for postcard, state coin, flag and info, state map, state flower

Page 2: baseball crayon resist and list of famous players born in Maryland

Additional state fun (workbook):

This past Monday he covered Virginia and West Virginia so look for those states shortly!

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