Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On All Souls

Today, the kids were still hacking and sniffling away, but the energy was coming back. What was a mom to do? In the morning, we enjoyed our first soul cake. Then we went on a little drive to our local Catholic cemetery. The weather was perfect today - a slight cool breeze mixed with warm sunshine. The kids wandered around, asking me the names on every grave. There was a little confusion about Mary being buried there (with all the statues) and so we had yet another "talk" about the Assumption. A recent gravesite of a six-year-old boy attracted Skipper. He was half intrigued, half fearful so I hope this cemetery trip helped ease his fear overall. Before we left, we said a decade of the Rosary and a short prayer for the souls of the dead.

After I took them to our local thrift store for a quick stop. The kids had decided to trade in their Halloween candy for something from the thrift store. Easy on the wallet, less sugar highs = good for mom.

Tonight, before bed, we will light a candle and say the Little Litany of the Holy Souls, as I plan to do each night this month, up until Advent. I will also read Father Phillip Tells a Ghost Story during our bedtime reading rituals.

O merciful God, take pity on those souls who have no particular friends and intercessors to recommend them to Thee, who, either through the negligence of those who are alive, or through length of time are forgotten by their friends and by all. Spare them, O Lord, and remember Thine own mercy, when others forget to appeal to it. Let not the souls which Thou hast created be parted from thee, their Creator. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


  1. That just sounds like such a lovely day. I'm afraid I didn't do much, but every year I get inspired my moms like you with little ways to celebrate the liturgical year. Thank you, Nicole! I have never heard of this Litany before. It is beautiful.

  2. Elisa, I am slowly doing more to celebrate the liturgical year. I think it helps now that my oldest is 6 and really gets into it.

    I found the Litany while looking around for ideas. A friend plants bulbs on this day and uses it to create an image of Purgatory and Heaven (when they bloom). I love that idea but not this year - yard work is out at this point for me. :)


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