Friday, October 14, 2011

U.S. States Study: Week 5

Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Skipper sure had a fun week, though I am still not clear what went on with a balloon, piece of cardboard, a twisted-up paperclip, and piece of tin foil. Something to do with electricity, that is all I know for sure. He also loved looking at PA and having a piece of Hershey chocolate. We visited Hershey Park this past summer while visiting my brother and his family, who lived in Harrisburg at the time (he's in the Army so they are now in VA). Skipper also found a surprise in the mail this week. When I ordered his new astronomy stuff for science - yay to change! - I also came across an "Eat Your Way Through the U.S.A." cookbook. I have to adapt like 80% of the recipes but the book is a great inspiration. We decided to make a meal based on the states he studies every week. Since we have done a handful of states already, this next week we are planning on a special breakfast, special lunch, and special dinner full of state food (not all on the same day!!!). I think this will be a lot of fun and Skipper is actually showing some interest in the kitchen, a skill he will definitely need having celiac disease.

We also discovered this fun, interactive U.S.A. puzzle while visiting our storage bin. I had bought it a few years ago in anticipation of using it but the pieces were going everywhere. That is why it went into storage while rounding up the extras when we put our house up for sale. It's no longer for sale so let the clutter begin. Anyway, the kids have been listening to "America the Beautiful" all day and making the hand motions we have learned from the AEP class. At least it is a nice song.


Outside of his co-op class, we continued to work together on his scrapbook as well as choose our menu for this coming week taste of the states (that he has learned about so far).

Page 1: state flag with state info, postcard, state map, coin

Page 2: state flower (mountain laurel), state bird (ruffed grouse), and made a little booklet of handouts based on Early U.S. History - George Washington crossing the Delaware, Betsy Ross, etc.

New Jersey

Page 1: 2 postcards, coin, flag and info, state map

Page 2: a morse code word puzzle (flips to the left to show the secret phrase once Skipper decoded it using the morse code to the left), state flower (common meadow violet), state bird (Eastern goldfinch), picture of Thomas Edison (where the first light bulb was invented)

Next week he looks forward to learning about Maryland and Delaware!

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