Thursday, October 13, 2011

Patriotic Alphabet Parade: *E*agle & *E*dangered Species

Last week was rowdy; this one was quiet. I was not quite myself (pregnancy-related woes) but the kids seemed to be absorbed in their work. It amazes me how some of the kids are so precise and can focus so long - to color, write, etc. Most are girls (one of the boys is like that). Is this a boy/girl thing?

Our format week-to-week is pretty consistent:

  • sing ABC song have a grab bag with letter of the week items (E: egg, envelope, elephant, ear, elf, earth)
  • read My "e" Sound Box book by Jane Belk Moncure
  • practice letter writing and color a picture using the pages I created (E is for Eagle: Pre-K version or Kindergarten version)
  • eat a snack (English muffin with butter/grape jelly) and read a book on eagles
  • craft time:
    • letter collage using collage sheets I made (E is for Eggs - using blue, red, and white dried egg shells - just clean the eggs, crush, and put in bag with paint. Spread on wax paper to dry completely.)
    Miss Bear occupied herself while I dyed the egg shells.
  • Exercised 
At home, I took Critter's papers, finished what I needed to with him, and continued work on his alphabet scrapbook. Here is what I came up with:

First Page

The handwriting/coloring page. I love Critter's colorful eagle. Reminds me of a parrot but at least he is starting to participate in class.

Second Page

"E is for Eggs" - The kids loved doing this and really piled on the eggs shells. Well, except Critter who just wanted to color his. Even Miss Bear glued on some shells. She was so precise and it kept her busy for at least ten minutes!

Third Page

I found a booklet produced by the EPA covering endangered species. The first few pages goes over, in detail, what an endangered species is and how that came to happen. Then, it has multiple coloring pages of U.S. endangered/threatened/no-longer-in trouble animals, along with the animal's info and map of where they are found in the U.S. I chose to print off the cover, the beginning info, and a few animal coloring pages.

Fourth Page

For Critter's final page, I found some wonderful resources at homeschoolshare: a pocketful of eagle fables, a coloring page of the eagle's anatomy, and the eagle as the national symbol. I found the eagle photo here, where there are also a lot of ideas dealing with the bald eagle.

Next week we look forward to F is for Flag!

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