Monday, October 10, 2011

Patriotic Alphabet Parade: *D*aniel Boone

I loved the idea for this week's theme, especially for a boy, but something was in the air this week. All the kids were a little crazy (and not just the little ones!). Plus, it was actually pretty difficult finding good resources on Daniel Boone for little ones. Anyway, here is what we did.

Our format week-to-week is pretty consistent:

  • sing ABC song have a grab bag with letter of the week items (D: dog, dinosaur, dictionary, dirty doll, dress, duck)
  • practice letter writing and color a picture using the pages I created (D is for Daniel Boone: Pre-K version or Kindergarten version)
  • eat a snack (donuts) and read a book on Daniel Boone
  • craft time:
  • played "Duck, Duck Goose"
At home, I took Critter's papers, finished what I needed to with him, and continued work on his alphabet scrapbook. Here is what I came up with:

First Page

The handwriting/coloring page.  Critter loves the letter D. Obviously. He not only traced it but did some freehand.

Second Page

"D is for Dots" - The kids loved doing this. Though we had some struggles on who wanted which marker. And I won't say that Miss Bear was at the heart of 99% of that difficulty.

Third Page

Fourth Page

Daniel Boone puppet, picture of where he exploredmap of Wilderness Trail

This week we look forward to E is for Eagles and Endangered Species!

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