Friday, October 7, 2011

First Friday Meet-Up

Our Lady of the Rosary

Here it is, the second month into the traditional school year, and the little group of women and children that met once a week for a "Summer with the Saints" now came together for a little First Friday fun. And, we also welcomed some "new" faces to the group - a young mom seriously considering homeschooling her little ones, and another mom whose older children attend our parish school while the youngest is home for pre-k.

It's always a difficult thing getting out the door by 7:50 to make it in time for 8:15 Mass. I so do not envy school kid moms and dads struggling to do this, day in and day out! But made it we did - and it is always worth it. And what a beautiful day too, on this Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

After, we gathered together for a "breakfast." Each family brings their own breakfast/treat since some of us wake up and go without breakfast, or, like mine, are always hungry! Then another mom took over the activities: telling a little story of the rosary, learning to chant/sing part of the "Hail Mary" prayer in Latin (like in the video above), coloring page of the rosary, and leading a "living" rosary, where each child represented (and began) a prayer. The kids were pretty crazy this morning. Maybe it was the small space, or the sugared breakfast items, or the end of the week, but I like to think they all took something away from it. :) It is always nice for me to get together with this group as well.

At home this month, the kids and I are also putting together a Rosary Lapbook while going through each mystery slowly. Each week is dedicated to one group of mysteries, with each of the weekdays focusing on one part of the mystery. Today we wrapped up the Joyful Mysteries. Skipper really likes this, but it has been difficult holding the attention of Critter and Miss Bear. As long as they are quiet, and in the same room, I am OK with that for now. I do plan on having the kids make rosary holders for their bedroom walls, and I may come up with something for the younger ones to do to gain more interest. Perhaps an edible rosary? Or a good book for little ones about the rosary - any suggestions?

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

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