Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Mosaics

What else do you do on another rainy, cold afternoon? Why, some fall art of course! The inspiration for the day came from over at Lord, Make Me a Saint, with a little variation, using construction paper and stick glue. Easy peasy! And now they hang on our dinette windows for a little fall decor.

Miss Bear: a huge wind came and took all the leaves off the tree!

Critter: added a paper bat and the turkey-like objects are his version of bats in marker.

This was my version. The kids always love when I join in.

Skipper's: my favorite. He went against the flow and came up with the bat idea (I drew the outlines on and he filled them in with paper).


  1. Nicole, those turned out great!! It's quite an honor for you to mention me, when you do SO much with your kiddos!!!

    (I follow you on Google Reader, but don't often comment!)

  2. Jamie Jo, I love your blog too. :)

    I go in spurts doing things with the kids. Lately I feel like I'm trying to do a whole bunch because I know come baby time that it'll all go out the window for awhile. ;)

  3. Hi Nicloe~Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you. Love the name of your blog:) Hope you have a blessed week!

  4. Thanks for commenting Tiffany. You have a blessed week as well!


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