Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Saints Day Party

Our parish has not, in my history there, held an All Saints Day children's party. Last year I really wanted to do something with this, but it never happened. This year, however, I said, "I'll do it!" Thanks to two other really great volunteers, we pulled it off this year. The party happened earlier today, based on our parish's schedule. It would have been great to have had it on All Saints Day but it just was not possible. We set it up carnival style which helps minimize the need for volunteers, which were hard to find.

The crowd was small. Basically it was our regular First Friday lot plus another family. That still came to around 20 kids, which actually ended up being a good number for our first time out. I think the kids all had fun. I know mine did anyway! And now, what we did and lots of pictures!

"Admission" (St. Francis de Sales)

A canned good donation was optional as "admission" for the party. The amount gathered was supposed to head to our local People in Need (PIN) charity. But of all the "stations," this one was a quiet, forgotten one at the entrance.

Heaven Awaits All Ye Saints

This entryway was as lot of fun to work on, and in general, "easy" to do, once I figured out what I wanted to do! We really needed more streamers but ran out. I wanted the background to be so full of blue you could not see into the party. Oh well, next year... The banner is held up by two trumpeting angels and each star has a letter, saying, "Heaven Awaits All Ye Saints." Near the end of the party, either the tape or some playful boys brought it down. Only heaven knows. ;)

Treat Bag Table

The kids decorated a simple brown lunch bag to collect their prizes in by coloring a saint picture (pages from Waltzing Matilda) and attaching with saint stickers from Autom, star stickers, and/or Bible stickers. Plus everyone could pick a rosary "prize" to start their bag off with.

St. Anthony's Lost and Found

We had two "mystery" containers for St. Anthony's Lost and Found - one that had shredded paper in it and the other had a wet, almost slimy feel (but it did not stick) using some plant accessories. The kids searched for something lost, aka saint medals, for a prize.

St. Martha's Bakery

This was definitely a favorite. Who doesn't like cookies, especially when you can decorate your own? Some moms generously baked some cookies to bring in (I provided gluten/allergen free cookies and icing) and the kids decorated with sprinkles and/or colored sugar. Some piled on the sugar while others used the paper stencils I made up - a cross, a star, a shamrock, and a fish. We also provided some drinks: "Life-Giving Waters" and "Blood of the Martyrs" (otherwise known as Hawaiian punch). You can download labels here (will wrap around a pitcher).

All American Saints Bowling

I used a kid bowling set and glued on pictures of American Saints. Prize: candy corn.

Queen of All Saints Halo Toss

Another volunteer spray painted a wooden circle and 5 wooden crosses (all found at craft store) and attached the crosses to the circle. The halos were circles of white pipe cleaners big enough to fit over the crosses. Prize: Hershey kisses.

St. Therese Rose Toss

Prize: smarties candy.

Fishing with St. Peter

Download fish templates. I printed mine on multi-colored card stock and cut out. Prize: Swedish fish and holy card.

St. Cecilia's Musical Chairs

Download saint images and call cards. Prize: glow stick necklaces.
A Procession of Saints & St. George Pinata

The pinata was made using a store-bought dinosaur pinata and adding wings and fire coming out of the mouth. The "sword" was a stick covered in foil. This was tough to break! All the kids had a few whacks and eventually the parents got in on the action to make the final break.


We brought our saint-o-lantern and another family brought theirs as well to help "decorate." They had a 3-sided pumpkin! One side had an angel with a silhouette of Jesus inside. Another side read, "I AM." And the final side had the Eucharist (shown above).

Download saint images, prayers/quotes, and other writings used to make a saint poster like this one:

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