Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All American Breakfast

When purchasing our astronomy supplies, I came across this book and knew it would be a fun item to include for Skipper's state study, as well as a way to invite Skipper into the kitchen more. Since we have already gone through a handful of states, we came up with a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu to incorporate all the states he has learned to date using this book as inspiration, since many of the recipes are not suitable for us. After this, we will plan a fun state meal once a week based on the two states he learned that week.

For our All American Breakfast, we choose the following:
  • Milk to drink...New Jersey
  • Blueberries...Maine
  • Red, White, and Blue Toast - Udi's gluten-free bread, toasted, with honey nut cream cheese (not quite white but they love the taste), and a "flag" of blueberry jam and strawberry jam stripes...Washington D.C.
  • Coffee-flavored item...Rhode Island (I meant to pick up a coffee-flavored candy but our grocery store is in upheaval and I missed purchasing it, but really, no biggie, I think, since I doubt they would like the flavor anyway!)
Other ideas: pancakes with maple syrup (Vermont), apple pie (Washington D.C.), pizza (New York)

The "breakfast" lunch was a big hit with all the kids! Skipper looks forward to our lunch and dinner menu!

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