Friday, September 9, 2011

Lego Mania: Summer Wrap-Up

The last few weeks of Lego Mania have obviously been put on the back burner. Here we are, with fall weather approaching, and school starting, and no Lego pictures! So without further ado, here are the pictures.

Lego Quest

I did not want this to get lost in this post. The first Lego Quest of the school year is on! You can join in the fun - deadlines are this Monday, September 12th by 6:00pm. It's simple to join in the fun. Make a creation based on the theme (this month it is aircraft) and submit your photo along with minimal information to the mom who runs the blog. Then she will post everyone's entries. Final entries to view.

Skipper's helicopter (the blade comes off to form an explorer type thing he says).

Not aircraft but my fun design while Skipper did his.

Even the cat gets in on the fun!

Lego Mania: Towers/Buildings (Week 8)

A (age 10): Tower

Boys cannot get enough of aircraft!

Skipper (age 6): house

Lego Mania: Airplanes (Week 9)

Miss Bear working hard.

N (age 6)

Critter (age 4)

Skipper (age 6)

A (age 10)

T (age 4)

Lego Mania: Kids' Choice (Week 10)

Skipper (age 6)

N (age 6)

A (age 3)

Critter (age 4)

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