Friday, September 2, 2011

First Friday Link Up!

Today is First Friday Link up! at I had a tough time figuring out which post to share so I created a whole new post with a few of our favorites from the past month and a half! Hope you like them!

Monstrance T-shirts

The kids in our Summer with the Saints made these for the Feast of St. Clare of Assisi. It was a great hit, very easy to do, and only slightly messy. My boys wear them as soon as I wash them.

Jesus Loves Me Pilgrimage

I made a simple "pilgrimage" to use for our Summer with the Saints gathering for St. Brigid of Sweden. It was super easy to make and the kids had so much fun on the trail - so much fun that I am not sure how much of the "Jesus Loves You" message came across. :)

Creation Felt Story

As part of Critter's (and Miss Bear's) faith formation, I plan on doing different "themes" for each month as part of school. For the first four weeks we focused on Creation (using the Bible story) but really focusing on the idea that God has always been, is now, and will always be; that He is the creator of all.

And don't forget to check out the other ideas for the link-up! I took a quick peek and it looks to have some great ideas to use!

First Friday Link Up

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