Friday, September 23, 2011

Daniel in the Lions' Den Pre-K Style

We can all get into a situation that seems impossible, to where any choice you make seems like the wrong choice. In the story of Daniel in the Lions' Den, however, our answer lies in our faith in God. Yes, Daniel's choice to choose his faith over his king's rule caused him to get into trouble. But it was also his faith in God that saved him from being eaten by the lions. Faith in God leads us down the right path, eventually saving us from death (perhaps literally, like Daniel, but mostly, saves us from eternal death).

Day 1
  • Read Bible story using The Illustrated Catholic Children's Bible
  • Simple prayer
  • Activity: What Would Daniel Do? I asked the kids questions like, "You found a dollar next to your brother's bed. You could take it - he'd never know. But should you? What would Daniel do?" or "You accidentally - or purposefully - hurt your sister. What do you do?"
Day 2
  • Read "Dan and the Lions," an interactive poem
  • Simple prayer
  • Activity: Make a lion mask using a paper plate, yellow and brown crayons, glue, short pieces of brown yarn. Cut out the lion's eyes. Add a nose and mouth. Color lion yellow. Squiggle glue around the edge and glue on the lion's "hair." Let dry and use for the activity on Day 3.

Day 3
  • Bible story recap
  • Simple prayer
  • Activity: Angel, Shut the Lions' Mouths! game. The kids acted like lions (using their masks from Day 2) and I was the angel. When I yelled, "Stop!" they had to freeze in place. And so on.
Lord, thank You for hearing my prayers no matter where I am.
Please help me to trust in You always as Daniel did.

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