Monday, September 19, 2011

ABC's of Pre-K: Letter D

I think I have our "curriculum" for the year. Critter's week went smooth overall and the load seemed just right for him. Yay!
This week we added a Monday afternoon activity: a Patriotic Alphabet Parade, through a local Catholic homeschooling co-op. I am helping co-teach this class (pre-k/k) and Skipper is doing a state study. The first week's theme was "A is for America."

Faith Formation

D is for Divine Mercy craft (from Catholic Icing)
  • Read and learned about the story of David and Goliath.
  • Finishing up "Angel of God" prayer. I have a hard time getting him to speak up so this is a huge breakthrough. He now of course wants to add the prayer to every single prayer time. And that is totally ok!
  • Daily Devotions from the cute little book "Blessings Every Day." So simple and sweet and perfect for this age.
  • Daily calendar work using the 2011-2012 Good News Primary Catholic Student Planner. Each day has two pages: one for a daily question/reflection kind of thing and spaces to fill in what the child did (I use it for record keeping). The opposite page is a fun worksheet of some sort. I find the activities are most beneficial for Skipper's age (so I photocopy) but I prefer the Elementary Edition for recording Skipper's schoolwork. This week's activity was a hidden picture puzzle and the vocabulary for the week was "generous," tying it into the next Sunday's gospel reading.  You would not believe how often we heard that work in various ways this week! Amazing! Here is an image of the page Critter did (again, my photography this week = bad. I'm sorry!):
  • Weekly Mass in addition to Sunday Mass. I am sure many of you already do this but we only started recently and it has made such a difference! I really enjoy Friday Mass with the kids. And I think they enjoy it too: small crowd, they can see/hear, are not easily distracted, and the shorter time is perfect for their concentration. It seems so funny now how afraid I was to go with all the young kids (= they would be disruptive).
Letter Formation & Other Fun Things

  • Read a variety of books, including our Letter D Moncure book (love these, so glad I found some on ebay a long time ago) and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (after which we put up "D" and "d" on our coconut tree in celebration of learning the letter). 
  • Magnet page for the letter D, which leads to magnet play in general.

  • D puzzle along with what sound it makes using the Leap Frog song (if you have the magnets, you know what I'm talking about: "The a says ahh. The a says ahh. Every letter makes a sound the a says ahh. And sometimes A." 
  • Handwriting Without Tears: Letter D (along with the wooden shapes
  • Floor numbers - counted, used it for pretend play. 
  • Starfall online game: Letter D and some others for fun.
  • Dragon mosaic kit (had been a gift from last Christmas):

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