Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Immaculate Heart of Mary

This month's dedication is to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I thought I would share a few things with you that we have done this month. There is still some time to fit in a little something before the end of the month!

The "altar table" (this is the top our our piano at my house):

I created our own "masterpiece" since we do not have much in the way of Catholic art and it is expensive!

Using Mod Podge, a pillar candle, and printed images of various Marian feast days, I created a Mary candle to use year-round. I love Mod Podge!

Immaculate Heart Craft

This seemed like such a good idea in my head. The reality, not so much, but Skipper seemed to enjoy it enjoy it anyway. Critter, well, he says, "I do it the way I want to." The hearts have been taped to our windows all month.

Yummy Food

We used up some summer blueberries in making this Blueberry Boy Bait coffee-type cake (recipe found in Cybele Pascal's Allergen-Free Baker's Handbook - worth every penny even if you are just gluten-free!). I loved it, the kids loved it, especially Miss Bear with her helping hands - I mean, tongue.

The kids made this mandela craft for the Assumption of Mary, but really, you could make this craft for anything and adapt it with whatever material you have.

And remember, all of this was not done in one day! That's the beauty of a monthly dedication. Enjoy these last few days of August!


  1. I love doing things like this! All of your ideas and crafts turned out beautifully. lovelove the Mary candle, and the mandela!

  2. Thanks Gardenia! I love the Mary candle too. It looks so much better in person than the photo. We lit it up for the first time for the Queenship of Mary - kids loved it naturally. :)


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