Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feeling of Relief

Why do we let ourselves worry away the days until we see a doctor to see what is going on and what to do next? I certainly do, especially when it comes to my children. Today Skipper saw the endocrinologist for the first time. He was a nice man and did not seem too concerned about the possibility of developing diabetes at this point. I will definitely still be attuned to that and see how Skipper rides out his next illness, but for now, I can breathe a little easier. And, for now, the doctor is treating the low bone density as a result of undiagnosed celiac disease. He did order up some tests to rule out other common causes (like thyroid). And, Skipper will have the "x-ray" (it has a fancy name that I cannot remember) test done in one year for comparison. Meanwhile, I am to up his vitamin d intake to 1600 IU and he said to give that to all the kids, not just Skipper. So take note! Most kids are vitamin d deficient and that can lead to all sorts of problems. Anyway... Skipper is also to start taking calcium supplements as well - up to 1,000mg/day. Hopefully that will heal his bones and he will be well underway to take on adolescence when it hits. I feel so much better for this appointment! Thank You, God!

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  1. Hello Nicole.. I'm so happy that your mind is at rest. Scripture tells us that God gave wisdom to the physician and He certainly gave us plants with healing properties.

    The best medicine of all though.. is when we can find the peace that only He can give.. when we can surrender to His will and TRUST!

    Praying that your little boy improves by God's grace and that you and your husband will continue to trust!

    God bless!


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