Monday, August 1, 2011

August Liturgical Plans

Monthly Dedication: Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • Altar table: picture of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • Kids' craft: make an Immaculate Heart to decorate using red construction paper, glue, and crepe streamers in orange, red, and pink. Looks like a very simple and fun craft for kids of all ages!
  • Holy cards

Saint Helena (August 8)

St. Helena is one of the saints Critter will learn about during the letter "H" week so I thought it would be fun to introduce her saint day. St. Helena was the mother of Constantine. She was sent by her son on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land where she discovered the True Cross that Jesus was crucified on (can you imagine?). To celebrate her feast day, the kids will make a holy card (since this a new saint for us). Then we will use some our basil growing in the garden to make crosses to hang in the kitchen.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven (August 15)

Though this is not an official holy day this year (meaning it is ok to just attend Sunday Mass), I will try to bring the kids to Mass on Monday. This is not an easy thing for me to do during the week! I am still unsure as to the kids' special activity. Last year we made paper Assumption stars similar to these wooden ones. The kids enjoyed it but I thought it would be fun to do something different. We have some pretty lavender so perhaps we will make little lavender satchets to put under our pillows. The kids can help cut and gather the herb, stuff, and perhaps even try a stitch or two. To make it easier, I could have some satchets read to go for them to sew up with a kid-safe needle and yarn. Hmm... I will have to think on this some more because I have a new idea brewing and one that would kid-friendly and simple. To cap off the day, dinner will be a little extra special and will include an Assumpta Salad, rolls (have the kids help and tell them the bread will rise just like Mary did), and some kind of dessert. Dessert will be determined by how good I am feeling and will include something to tie it to Mary (blue, fruit, flowers).

Queenship of Mary (August 22)

For this special day, the kids can color/decorate this statue of Mary picture (using glitter, star stickers for the crown, sequins, etc.). I plan on making a Mary candle to use during the year for Marian feast days using a plain candle and modpodging on pictures of Mary. For a little bit of extra fun, we will do something with food. If I feel elaborate (highly doubtful if the last few months reveal anything) we will have a crown lunch theme inspired by this post: crown sandwiches (for us that means crown shaped cheese with lunchmeat on top with crown shaped corn tortillas for the bread), crown-tipped tortillas with salsa, crown jewel berries, Our Lady's blue lemonade, crown cake for dessert. Chances are, we'll skip to the dessert and make a simple bundt cake with some flowers to decorate. And even simpler, we will do regular old blueberry muffins (which are not so regular and "old" in our gluten-free household!).

Saint Rose of Lima (August 23)

St. Rose is another saint Critter will learn about during "R" week but I loved her story so much (I truly am new to learning about saints) that we are celebrating her feast day! St. Rose was born in Lima, Peru. She was very beautiful but she wished others to only see God's beauty, not her outward beauty, and she took many steps to keep others from being tempted by her (wow, what a foreign concept in today's society). To celebrate her feast day, the kids will make holy cards during a Summer with the Saints gathering and on her actual feast day, we will make a cross craft with the words of St. Rose, "Apart from the cross there is no other ladder by which we may get into Heaven."

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