Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Morning Reflections

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Outside my window... the sun is starting to rise and it looks to be another hot one. Right away my cat poked his head in the door to be let in - he sure is nocturnal these days!

I am thinking... that I am not yet awake for this day.

I am thankful for... that my grandma made it through surgery well and that the doctor was surprised that the surgery went more smoothly than he thought it would (aka, she should recover much quicker and more easily, yay!).

From the schoolroom... I have been gathering up Critter's school year supplies and it is going much quicker than I thought. It has actually been quite fun making some of the items we need and it is even more fun that those quick peeks make the kids so excited for school to start!

From the kitchen... one of my favorite snacks has been a quick little "salad" of green apple (diced small), hothouse cucumber (skinned and diced small), a small red onion (diced small), a dash of sea salt, and a splash of apple cider vinegar (to taste). Mmm...

I am wearing... del Sol toenail polish. I treated myself while we were in Put in Bay to something fun. Inside my toes look pink but in the sun they turn purple. How fun!

I am creating...  many things; I have so many projects going on. I goofed on Miss Bear's mitten (misread directions) so I am taking a break and quickly knitting up a shawl for my grandma for Christmas, per my mom's request. It's a very pretty green-blue and reminds me of the sea.

I am going... to the library today to exchange our summer reading passports for prizes. The kids are so excited! And we still have time to complete another passport before the end of the program.

I am reading... The Strength of His Hand (Chronicles of the King #3) by Lynn Austin. Ooh, these fiction books are good, as you can tell since I am already on #3 this week! The books are set in Biblical times, based on scripture, but give life to that era. If it wasn't for the scripture references I would completely forget that I am reading history! Here is a quote when the prophet Isaiah speaks to King Hezekiah after he had willingly welcomed Babylonian representatives to see his kingdom and did not give credit to God:

"'Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall!' Pride says, 'I did it! I accomplished everything by myself!' Pride leaves out God!"

I am hoping... that I am inspired to make a decent menu this week. Meals are not very appealing but I am so hungry!

I am praying...  for a little unknown 9 year old boy lying in a hospital, very sick with pancreatitis with unknown cause and other complications (he has coded twice and his intestines have become necrotic).

I am hearing... the boys up and playing.

Around the house... I finally have Miss Bear's wallpaper border in so that can go up. And I have the boys' paint ready to go. A very light green (in the lime green family but it's very light).

One of my favorite things... My early morning hours. I used to sleep in more but for some reason with this pregnancy I am up and at 'em before the sun rises and I am really enjoying this quiet time.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  the usual - Lego Mania, Summer with the Saints (Saint Brigid of Sweden) and hopefully not much else.

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing:

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