Monday, June 27, 2011

Women of Grace: Lesson 3

Making the Most of Mentors

Ah, mentors... Look around you. Does this society not shove "role models" down our throats? Everywhere I look I see the child my kids are supposed to be, the woman I am to be. But do I want to be her? Do I want to be an extremely successful, beautiful career woman? Do I want to always be looking to the next dollar and acquiring more?

Honestly, I would not mind being more statuesque and lean of body. ;) I would love to be successful - no matter what I do and whether my success is recognized or not here on earth (ok, a little recognition would be nice once in awhile!). I would love to remain comfortable in our income and use it to benefit others.

But ultimately, all these things are superficial, of this earth. Who do I really want to be and who should I look to for example? God has given us such an example in His son, Jesus Christ. He came to serve and love and likewise we should do the same. Sometimes, however, in my little world, I often feel like I cannot live up to His perfection (and indeed I cannot, sinner that I am). Besides, He was a man and sometimes us women need not a man to look to, but a woman. And this is where God's love for us is very apparent as He gave us our number one earthly mentor: the Blessed Mother.

We can all look to Mary as an example: her humility in accepting God's plan for her life, being pure and gracious, loving all people as her Son did and continuing to love us from Heaven. We can look around us and see Mary in others we may know. Look for women who love others, who give themselves to others, who revere God and are faithful to Him, who are not idlers or gossipers. Come to know these women and perhaps you will find beautiful mentors of your own, right in your neighborhood. And this is not to say we should only look for Catholic women or even Christian women but women of all backgrounds. Who knows? You could be her mentor and help to lead her home to the Church.

Also, as you come to know the Lord in a deeper relationship, be ever mindful of how you portray yourself so that you too can act as a mentor to those around you. What do you want? To be remembered for your career, your success, your money? Or do you want to be remembered for the love you showed, the sacrifices you made, your faith to God's will for you life?

Mother of God, pray for us!

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